Ohio abortion-rights group submits signatures for November ballot measure

Ohioans United for Reproductive Rights delivered 422 boxes of petition booklets to the Secretary of State’s office with the names of more than 710,000 voters, the coalition said, who support their ballot initiative to enshrine the right to abortion up to the point of fetal viability into the state’s constitution. The minimum number of signatures required is a total of 413,446 from 44 of Ohio’s 88 counties.

“Those 422 boxes are filled with hope and love and dreams of freedom, of bodily autonomy, of health, of being able to say, ‘We decide what happens to us – not some politician, not some judge, not someone who doesn’t know me, who doesn’t know my kid, who doesn’t know my best friend – but me,'” Kellie Copeland, executive director of Pro-Choice Ohio, said Wednesday. “We trust Ohioans to make their own reproductive decisions.” ~NBC4i

Reproductive rights group delivers over 700,000 petition signatures to Secretary of State

The group filed more than 700,000 petition signatures supporting reproductive freedom in the state gathered in all 88 Ohio counties over the course of 12 weeks, about 300,000 more than was necessary to be on the ballot. ~News 5 Cleveland

Ohio AG asks justices to lift order blocking abortion law

Ohio’s attorney general has asked the Ohio Supreme Court to weigh in on the future of the state’s near-ban on abortions, despite arguing less than six months ago that the same court lacked jurisdiction to determine the paused law’s constitutionality.   
DeWine has changed the overall make up of the Ohio Supreme Court with the appointment of a family friend with absolutely no judicial experience and ties to one of the largest corruption scandals in Ohio's history, HB6.

The hold on the Heartbeat Bill in Ohio has been extended

The affidavits were filed in Cincinnati as part of a lawsuit aimed at stopping enforcement of Ohio’s strict new abortion law, which it temporarily did last week. Originally paused for two weeks, on Tuesday the enforcement delay was extended to at least Oct. 14

These affidavits state:

Roe v. Wade was just overturned, what does that mean for Ohioans?

At this moment abortions are legal up to 19 weeks of pregnancy. However, Ohio's Attorney General filed within minutes of the fall of Roe to dissolve the injunction against the Heartbeat Bill that bans abortion after a detectible heart beat can be detected. There is no exception for rape or incest. 

As of this evening this has become law, abortions are banned after a heartbeat has been detected. 

The injunction that has been in place since this was signed by Governor DeWine but it rested on abortions federal protections. It will be a matter of hours or days before this injunction will be dissolved making it illegal to obtain an abortion in Ohio. We must not forget that they are waiting to pass HB 480 that will ban abortion as fertilization and place a $10,000 bounty on anyone who helps someone get an abortion.  

Legislation we were watching in 2022

Links to learn more about House Bill 704.

Ohio is not done with coming between you and your doctor. This bill will prevent IVF which will unfairly target LGBTQ and people with disabilities. 

The Ohio Republicans are loud and clear this is about control not about unborn life. We have seen how they handled the pregnancy of a 10 year old child. We are watching them avoid debate after debate so they don't have to admit this is not about life, it is about control. 

There is no surprise that our current local legislator J. Kyle Koehler recently attended a march for life on the steps of our state capitol building. Several GOP members stood there to support the passage of a bill that will criminalize abortions, force small children into giving birth before their body is ready, and it will discriminate against those this party has sought to abolish. Countless Republican law makers admit that they do not know what these bills are designed to do or how dangerous child birth actually is. They tout there is a exceptions for the life of the mother but they did not write these bills. These bills have been written by lobbyists and paid for by dark money. 

There is no exception for the life of the mother in the manner one would think. The mother must be actively dying, a 10 year old would be forced to carry the fetus until her body is septic or undergoing current organ failure before medical intervention. If this 10 year old is able to carry the fetus until she was weeks away from the end of the pregnancy, this child would be forced to give birth. She would under go painful hours of labor and the child would not be aborted. It would be a live birth and she would be forced to share custody with her rapist. While this all sounds crazy and hard to believe, it isn't.

Texas is actively denying just how many women are dying under their cruel draconian laws and are refusing to release key data until after the midterms. 

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Ohio will be the next state to outlaw abortion 

State lawmakers are also currently considering a so-called “trigger law” -- which, if enacted, would automatically ban abortions in Ohio as soon as Roe v. Wade is overturned, with no exceptions for rape or incest. Doing so would make Ohio the 14th state to enact such a law, including the neighboring Kentucky and several southern and Midwestern states with Republican state legislatures.

DeWine stated in an Ohio Right To Life survey ahead of this year’s primary that he would sign “trigger law”-type legislation if Roe v. Wade was overturned, according to gubernatorial spokesman Dan Tierney.

Links to learn more about House Bill 480.

Ohio Bounty Style Total Abortion Ban HB480 with co-sponsor J. Kyle Koehler, District 79 serving most of Clark County is making its way through the Ohio Statehouse.

HB 480 is a ban that goes into effect at fertilization, this forces a rape victim to carry her rapists child to term and could be forced to share custody unless they jump through additional hopes. According to RAINN's publication in March 2020, the victim must petition the Court to establish the offender as the parent and then petition to terminate rapist’s parental rights. The victim must show by clear and convincing evidence that rapist parent plead guilty, or was conviction of rape or sexual battery that resulted in the conception of the child.

“Ohio has once again proved it is one of the most extreme states for abortion access. This bill goes further than Texas Senate Bill 8, the most extreme abortion ban in the country, and would ban all abortions. It allows anyone — including anti-abortion protesters who have no connection to the patient — to act as paid bounty hunters and take doctors, health centers, and anyone who helps another person access abortion to court and get no less than $10,000. Banning abortion would be catastrophic to communities across Ohio. Lawmakers and anti-abortion vigilantes have no business making personal medical decisions for their neighbors.” - Planned Parenthood

See the other legislation that J. Kyle Koehler is involved with click here Requires the Department of Health to publish on its website both of the following:  Materials designed to inform a pregnant woman of the possibility of reversing the effects of an abortion that utilizes mifepristone if she changes her mind;  Materials regarding information on and assistance with the resources that may be available to help reverse the effects of an abortion that utilizes mifepristone. 

 First Hearing for this bill is Thursday May 26th at 9 am. in room 116 watch it live

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Near total abortion ban proposed in Ohio mimics Texas law but goes further

Ohio House Bill 480 would ban all abortions in Ohio — going further than the Texas anti-abortion law that was argued before the U.S. Supreme Court on November 1st. OAESV is concerned because, just like Texas’s Senate Bill 8, the Ohio measure has no exceptions for rape or incest.

Ohio Capital Journal 

Ohio’s 2020 abortion report from the Ohio Department of Health showed 20,605 abortions in 2020, more than half of which were induced at less than nine weeks gestation. Of the 441 abortions induced in 19 or more weeks gestation, none were considered viable in medical testing, including ultrasounds.

First Hearing for this bill is Thursday May 26th at 9 am. in room 116 watch it live

Please click on these links to sign petitions urging law makers to stop these dangerous bills

This legislation has just now begun to make progress. Information is limited however we will be updating links and data as we are able to find it.  

Clark County Representative J. Kyle Koehler track record on abortion 

Here is another one he has sponsored House Bill 378 -The bill enacts both civil and criminal provisions that require physicians to inform pregnant women, before inducing or performing a mifepristone abortion, of the possibility of reversing the effects of a mifepristone abortion. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists state very clearly that this is not supported by science and are unproven and unethical. 

Koehler's bill HB 378- Requires the Department of Health to publish on its website both of the following:  

Materials designed to inform a pregnant woman of the possibility of reversing the effects of an abortion that utilizes mifepristone if she changes her mind;  

Materials regarding information on and assistance with the resources that may be available to help reverse the effects of an abortion that utilizes mifepristone.

Links to learn more about House Bill 598.

The Ohio State legislators are currently working towards passing an abortion trigger ban, The Human Life Protection Act, House Bill 598.

A proposed law would completely criminalize abortion without exemptions for rape and incest. The bill states it would make an exemption for saving the life of the pregnant person, but that was debated at the Statehouse on Wednesday. It is important that we contact Shane Wilkin Chair of the Government Oversight CommitteeOhio has been quite busy crafting bills to weaken women's access to healthcare. Attempting to pass bills that even the legislators do not understand.     House Bill 110, enrolled as the Ohio Operating Appropriation and effective June 30, 2021, allocates $2 million towards abstinence-only programming. This law requires that parental consent is obtained if sex education beyond the mandated topics is provided. Further, House Bill 110 requires an annual audit on each localities sex education instruction and includes mandates that threaten access to reproductive health care services.  

Legislators are putting some bills that would ban abortion on hold while advancing others.

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The House Government Oversight Committee held its second hearing on House Bill 598 on Thursday, which would ban abortion in Ohio in the event that Roe v. Wade is overturned. The proposal does not include exceptions for rape or incest. It does create an “affirmative defense” for physicians, meaning doctors could defend themselves against criminal charges if they conduct an abortion under life-threatening situations. 

"I want it to be something that is sculpted constitutionally, and we don't know really what the decision is going to say," Huffman said. "I think it (an abortion ban) will pass. I think a substantial number of our caucus will support it. I just don't know whether we can ascertain all of that in the next two weeks." 

House Speaker Bob Cupp, R-Lima, didn't say when his chamber planned to pass its trigger ban, House Bill 598. "We're having discussions about how to handle that appropriately."

Huffman said he's been waiting for an end to Roe v. Wade for decades, volunteering at a pregnancy help center that his mother founded to offer alternatives to abortion. "It's something that a lot of us have been waiting to happen." 

Organizations fighting against these unconstitutional abortion bans in Ohio

Please click the images to sign their petitions 

Important statistics on sex education in Ohio

Lack of proper sex education will cause a dramatic increase in teen pregnancies after years of steady decline. 

Visit Sex Ed For Social Change to see how Ohio stacks up. 



Saturday May 14th
Women's Marches took place all over Ohio, but our job is not done we must vote, 

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