Candidate Profile
Sheila Rice

Your name as it will appear on the ballot: 

Sheila E. Rice


The office for which you are running: 

Clark County Clerk of Municipal Court 


Why you are running for this office:  

I had the opportunity to work with the Clark County Common Pleas Court under then former Clerk of Courts, Ron Vincent. Working there, I learned about civil government and the importance of each person’s contribution to, and involvement in, shaping our federal, state, and local governments. I was appointed Clark County’s Clerk of Municipal Court after Guy Ferguson died. During my work as Clerk, I have come to believe even more passionately in the importance of our participation in government and service to others.


What makes you the best candidate for this office: 

Prior to becoming your Municipal Court Clerk, I worked my way up to my current position. When I was 15 years old, I went through the Clark County Neighborhood Youth Corp, which prepared young people to find employment after high school. After graduation, I took classes at Clark Technical College (now known as Clark State Community College), and with the help of Clark County Opportunities for Individual Change (OIC), entered employment with Robbins & Myers, Inc., on Jefferson Street in Springfield, as part of their clerical staff. Due to the instability of the time that resulted in frequent layoffs, OIC gave me the opportunity to work with the Clark County Common Pleas Court, in the position mentioned above, under former Clerk of Courts Ron Vincent.

In Common Pleas Court, I started out as a file clerk. Soon, my hard work, my ability to successfully work with others, and my dedication to serving those who needed the Clerk’s services, resulted in a promotion to supervisor of several divisions in the Court. One promise I made to myself was that I would always keep the needs of the people we served and the staff who served us at the forefront. I kept that promise then, and I keep it today as your current Clerk.

It has been my honor to serve our community as your Municipal  Court Clerk for the past two years. In November 2023 I am up for reelection, and will continue to work hard, to deserve your vote.

What are your credentials and qualifications for the office you are seeking: 

Summed up above.


What are the three most important goals you plan to focus on as you campaign and when you are elected: 

I will uphold to the fullest extent and the best of my ability throughout my tenure the three qualities tagged for my campaign: Qualified, Experienced, Trustworthy.


WIN members may want to help on your campaign. Whom should be contacted (please provide the name of the person, their phone number, and their email address) and please let us know what type of help is needed: 


Contact info: Sheila Rice



Help Needed:

Door knocking, mailing postcards, fundraising, social media.


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Sheila Rice - Clerk of Municipal Court