Cheryl Stephens: With Nan Whaley, Proven Leadership for Ohio!
By: Mel M

Up is down, less is more, and gun safety can be achieved through legislation that puts more guns into the hands of untrained people.  We must be in Republican Ohio.

     But it doesn’t have to stay this way! On Friday I had the opportunity to listen to Cheryl Stephens, candidate for Lieutenant Governor of the State of Ohio, talk about the vision that she and Nan Whaley share for our state.  We do have an alternative that will take us out of the land of nonsense and into the world of reason.

     Cheryl spoke about her vision for affordable housing, with concrete ideas for how to get affordable houses built.  She has already accomplished this in her current job as Chief Executive Officer of the East Akron Neighborhood Development Corporation.

     Cheryl and Nan have both served as mayors, a position in which it is impossible to hide from the needs of your constituents. Cheryl spoke of running into residents no matter where she went, and always taking the time to understand the concerns they raised, so that she could address them. Her enthusiasm about meeting with her constituents is refreshing.   

     Cheryl and Nan believe that when Ohio residents vote against gerrymandering, the vote must be respected.  She promises that Nan’s presence on the Ohio Redistricting Commission will help force the commission to respect the constitutional amendment Ohio voters enacted.

     Finally, Cheryl spoke about her commitment to the health of all Ohioans, including females.  Laws targeting the health of Ohioans such as the anti-abortion legislation our Statehouse has enacted are opposed by Cheryl and Nan. Cheryl spoke of the need to elect more Democrats to the legislature to eliminate its ability to override the governor’s veto.  Should the more draconian anti-abortion legislation that is proposed be passed by the legislature while Nan is governor, Nan would veto it immediately.  

     I’m excited that we have proven leaders ready to take all Ohioans into the future.  Please join me in voting for Nan Whaley and Cheryl Stephens!