Elect Gun Sense Candidates in Ohio – Starting with Nan Whaley!
By: Kristine W, Ohio Chapter Lead, Moms Demand Action

        As nearly everyone knows, the upcoming midterm election is critical for defending our country’s democracy and freedoms. To that end, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America volunteers are going all out to knock on doors, make phone calls, write postcards, and amplify the message for Gun Sense Candidates up and down the ballot. 

     The Gun Sense Candidate Distinction lets voters know which candidates will stand up for gun safety if elected to office. Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action volunteers across the country have been distributing questionnaires to candidates to ensure that those with the Gun Sense Candidate Distinction will advocate for safer communities. These candidates have pledged to support stronger gun laws. In Ohio, we have a record 87 Gun Sense Candidates on the ballot this year, reflecting the growing concern about gun violence and the increasing realization among candidates that gun safety is a winning political issue. (You can find a list of all Gun Sense candidates across the state at https://gunsensevoter.org/candidates/ or click here)

     Beyond the Gun Sense Candidate Distinction, an Everytown for Gun Safety Endorsement is awarded to candidates in key races who will champion laws that will make us safer. As Mayor of Dayton, Nan Whaley guided her city through the tragedy of a mass shooting and became a strong voice demanding that Governor DeWine “Do Something.” When he did not, when he caved to the extremists in his party and the gun lobby, she continued to speak out. She was strongly opposed to dangerous bills like Stand Your Ground, permitless concealed carry, and arming teachers, which were passed by the General Assembly and signed into law by Governor DeWine over the objections of city officials, law enforcement, prosecutors, educators, and the majority of Ohio citizens.

     If elected to replace Governor DeWine, Mayor Whaley would provide a crucial veto as our extreme state legislature continues to loosen gun laws. And she will work to repeal these dangerous bills and pass commonsense laws like universal background checks and red flag laws.

It’s critical that gun violence prevention activists and concerned citizens do all we can to elect Nan Whaley as our next Governor so we can begin to reverse the dangerous course Ohio is taking on gun violence.