Taylor Sappington, Candidate for Ohio Auditor of State
By: Libby B 

     The Ohio Auditor of State is an elected executive position in the Ohio state government. The auditor serves as a watchdog, ensuring that the state and its more than 5,600 entities are using tax dollars efficiently and effectively. The office conducts both fiscal and performance audits of all public offices in Ohio, including those in cities and counties, to protect from potential fraud or abuse. The auditor is publicly elected every four years and may serve a total of two terms. Democratic candidate for Ohio

     Auditor of State Taylor Sappington led the largest fraud bust ever in the City of Nelsonville. He launched an investigation into the city finances after finding emails and financial records illegally wiped. The census count had led to reduction in state funding, and a recount had to be done to keep the city’s status. Taylor balanced the books and caught the crooks in his hometown, and that’s exactly what he plans to do for the State of Ohio.