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Ohio House Joint Resolution 1

     Did you know that less than half of the states across the nation allow for citizen led ballot initiatives? You might remember that Ohioans recently passed a fair maps ballot initiative in 2015 and 2018 to protect the redistricting process, but the Republican super majority ignored the will of the voters. The Ohio State Supreme Court struck down map after map but we were still forced to vote under unconstitutional maps and spent an extra 20 million dollars to hold an unnecessary special election. Not to be out done, Statehouse Republicans are trying to bring a bill to the floor trying to make citizen led ballot initiatives a thing of the past. It was no surprise when over 170 organizations opposed this bill that it was put aside until now. The Ohio GOP would like to raise the bar from the basic majority which is 50% +1 to pass any citizen led ballot measure to requiring 60% +1 just in time to try to prevent our efforts to enshrine women’s access to healthcare…read more here

Ohio Senate Bill 30 - Unemployment rates are falling, inflation is climbing, and CEO’s are reporting record profits. However, Republican Congressional leaders are standing in the way of the Biden administration of doing anything to hold the wealthy accountable. While the labor market slants in the workers favor, companies are doing everything they can except pay workers more. This would include spending millions on lobbyists to push dangerous legislation that we worked so hard to eliminate decades ago. States are relaxing child labor laws including allowing the child or their family to sue should they get hurt in these dangerous factory jobs. Ohio decided they would not be left behind and has started working to pass legislation of their own…read more here   

Ohio Senate Bill  1 - Revise Education Law and Department duties; rename the Department - This bill is heavily opposed by educators across the state visit Honesty For Ohio Education to learn why this is bad for our children and what you can do to make your voice heard.  

article here1 , article here

Ohio House Bill 6 and House Bill 8 - Last session ended without passage of the Save Women's Sports Act but it did not take Rep. Jena Powell to reintroduce this watered down version. It is no longer clear how they will verify a person's sex but they have extended it's reach to include private colleges. article 1 article 2 article 3

House Bill 8 - This is just another bill that forces government overreach into the classroom, please check these links to learn a little more  article 1 article 2 article 3

Moms Demand Action is currently focused on House Bill 51 - This bill is currently in committee however it is another dangerous bill that you should be following. article 1, article 2