Candidate Profile
Tracey Tackett

Your name as it will appear on the ballot:

Tracey Tackett

The office for which you are running:

Springfield City Commissioner

Why you are running for this office: 

I am running for office to bring new perspective and energy to our community leadership. I am running because I love Springfield and feel the emotion of the people in this community over what they feel has been lost over the years. I want to restore hope for a brighter future for the kids in this community. I want to connect people in a meaningful and purposeful way, improving the conditions of our government system.

What makes you the best candidate for this office:

I am the best candidate because I represent women, who are the majority of the population. I bring a lifelong passion for servant leadership in the community, as I have served in many volunteer roles throughout my whole adult life. I am the best candidate because I continue to work hard, which includes but is not limited to: owning a small business in downtown Springfield for a decade and through a pandemic, and going back to school to receive my BA in Organizational Leadership while minoring in Political Science and graduating from Wittenberg University in 2022 as the first college graduate in my family. I am currently finishing up my Master’s Degree at The Ohio State University, in Public Policy– all while bringing about several community events, year after year: Downtown Trick or Treat, International Women’s Day Recognition, the Golden Egg Hunt, and more.

I continue to devop communications between stakeholders: eg., starting a Downtown business owner group, supporting law enforcement and first responders by assisting with the Police golf fundraiser, and through National Night Out sponsorship.

I do all of this on top of being a wife and mother of 21 years. I do it because I am still here to live my purpose.


What are your credentials and qualifications for the office you are seeking: 

Summed up above. 

What are the three most important goals you plan to focus on as you campaign and when you are elected:

Increase communication between Government and the people Government serves.

Bring more experts to the table, along with people who have life experience and who can help bridge gaps and improve inclusion. 

After listening to the people in our community: Learn, develop an understanding, and make an effort to help address their issues and improve the conditions surrounding their concerns– including jobs, homelessness, food resources, road and housing conditions, trash, and crime.

7. WIN members may want to help on your campaign. Whom should be contacted (please provide the name of the person, their phone number, and their email address) and please let us know what type of help is needed: 

Contact info: TRACEY TACKETT



Help Needed:

Door knocking, mailing postcards, fundraising, social media.


8. Feel free to share any additional information you think is pertinent about you and/or your candidacy such as your links to your website and/or Facebook:

Tracey Tackett for Commissioner