Vol 8 Issue 1

We WIN When . . .  

We Gather Together 

By: Crystal G, WIN President and WIN Leadership


   The struggle for equality in our society won’t be won through any one momentous bill, or any one momentous step--we know only too well. Rather, it’s a matter of continually working together and marshaling our efforts. It is gathering in our Statehouse testifying against harmful and discriminatory bills. It is chanting in the hallways demanding to be heard. It is submitting written testimony, emails and endless phone calls. It is all the times we’ve stood outside locked rooms or have been locked outside buildings, but have continued to disrupt their hidden agendas. It is the times we have delayed votes or pushed some horrific bills ultimately to their death. Most recently it is the hundreds of us across our state who have answered the call and organized to collect hundreds of thousands of signatures to protect the rights of women in Ohio....read more

The Young Woman's Mission (YWM) - Nearly New Shop 

By: Cathy T

      In 1898, Fanny Winger, after miraculously recovering from a serious illness, felt a strong need to show her gratitude through service to those in need in the Springfield community.  This became her mission in life.  Thus, she and her friends started a new and unique organization that became known as The Young Woman’s Mission...read more   

From South Side Residents: A Resounding Question 

By Melinda B

  Residents of the Southern Gateway Neighborhood Association shared concerns with Springfield City representatives during a program held June 15, 2023, on the Gammon House lawn in association with Juneteenth.

     Association President Brian Keith moderated as 40 or so people – retirees, current work force members, and students including teenagers and youths no more than 8 –raised questions with City Manager Bryan Heck, Director of Community Initiatives Ron Gordon, and Assistant Mayor Rob Rue over issues ranging from abandoned property and urban blight, to crime and violence, the appropriate use of American Rescue Plan (ARPA) dollars, and lack of resources and opportunities...read more  

Equality In Leadership: Women in Clark County

By: Peg S.

      When I was young, in the mid-50s, equality for me meant that my brothers had to help with dishes, cleaning, and other “so-called” women’s work.   I didn’t realize that my mother was ahead of her time.  With three sons and one daughter, she determined we would be equally treated and ignored my brothers’ whining.   With a great amount of energy and humor, my mother demonstrated that equality belief to me her whole life.   The example she set, and the encouragement of both my parents, helped me become the first member of my extended family to graduate from college.  Today, I have three sons of my own and their wives and girlfriends benefit from the belief that women and men can be equally responsible and equally qualified, with plenty of effort, for whatever options they choose.  That is a notion that not everyone believes.  However, there are plenty of women who believe and act and succeed, with hard work and talent, in careers formerly reserved for men.  Clark County has good representation of women leaders, especially in law enforcement and mental health services, in jobs often dominated by men...read more 

What is Issue 1  

By Clark County Democrat Party Chair, Austin S

I will join the chorus of many who implore you to #VoteNoInAugust! Issue 1 is an attempt by our Republican legislature to undermine the will of the voters (shocking, I know), prevent us from enacting change and throw every roadblock they can in our way when we use our right to amend our constitution as we have been able to do so for 111 years. But I wanted to make sure that we all know exactly what Issue 1 would do if it passes...read more

We Need YOU to Run for Office  

By Clark County Democrat Party Chair, Austin S

     August is not only an important month because of the special election on August 8th, but August 9th is also the deadline to file for many seats up for grabs in November! There are many seats that go unchallenged across Clark County and we need YOU to step up and run in your community! It is a big ask to run for office, so reach out and we can discuss what offices are open in your community and how we can support you every step of the way! Not ready just yet? Many county and state legislative offices will file in December so reach out to us to help you get ready! ..read more

A Post-Roe Perspective Based on a Thirty Years' Look Back 

By: Betsy D  

     Ohio's new voter ID law, House Bill 458, is a blatant attempt to suppress the voices of Ohioans who have historically faced barriers to voting. This law represents yet another attack by Ohio Republicans on the fundamental right to vote and undermines the principles of democracy.

     The bill, which was recently signed into law by Governor Mike DeWine, requires voters to present a government-issued Photo ID in order to cast their ballots. While this may seem like a reasonable requirement, the reality is that many Ohioans, particularly those who are low-income or elderly, do not have the necessary identification....read more 

Relevant Reads for Progressives


By Rebecca (Becky) W


Title:  Choosing Family: A Memoir of Queer Motherhood and Black Resistance | Author: Francesca Royster | Publication Date: Abrams Press, 2/7/23

  DePaul University professor Royster gives an intimate look at her family, which is comprised of same-sex parents, one of whom is black (Royster) and the other white (her wife, Annie). Their child is an adopted black queer daughter. Royster describes the way her family tackles the complexity of ordinary life through their status of being queer, multi-racial and feminist.

The author also delves into her own childhood in South Side Chicago, where families were often very nontraditional. But she makes the point that all families are complex, and parenthood is often frightening. 

   Readers will feel Royster’s anticipation, joy and deep love, along with her fear...read more

Legislation Watch   

    The Ohio Supermajority are busy once again during Pride Month passing legislation that can only cause irreparable harm to an already vulnerable group of children. The House has already passed HB 8 and HB 68 . The third bill many Ohioans were watching HB 6 was added as an amendment to HB 68. Despite the overwhelming number of opponents to these bills both Bill Dean of district 71 and Bernard Willis of district 74 voted in favor of these heinous bills.


     It is not too late to contact your representatives and make your voice heard. Links and more information can be found our website on the Action Page...read more