We WIN When . . .  

We Gather Together
By: Crystal G

   The struggle for equality in our society won’t be won through any one momentous bill, or any one momentous step--we know only too well. Rather, it’s a matter of continually working together and marshaling our efforts. It is gathering in our Statehouse testifying against harmful and discriminatory bills. It is chanting in the hallways demanding to be heard. It is submitting written testimony, emails and endless phone calls. It is all the times we’ve stood outside locked rooms or have been locked outside buildings, but have continued to disrupt their hidden agendas. It is the times we have delayed votes or pushed some horrific bills ultimately to their death. Most recently it is the hundreds of us across our state who have answered the call and organized to collect hundreds of thousands of signatures to protect the rights of women in Ohio.

     But justice is not only a matter of legislation. Winning the struggle for equality is likewise a matter of participation in community acknowledgments of historic injustice and celebrations of injustice overcome. Thus far this summer we have celebrated the second observation of the federal holiday, Juneteenth. The Gammon House in Clark County Ohio held a number of events over the course of nine days; including the annual FatherFest events, a scavenger hunt, local African-Americans Tour at Ferncliff Cemetery and tours of the Gammon House itself.

     Winning the struggle for equality is also a matter of Pride. Saturday, June 24th the streets in downtown Springfield were filled with music, food and allies. Equality Springfield did an amazing job organizing this event. Booths were filled with crafts, positivity and numerous progressive organizations. There were booths to give free hugs, register people to vote and fill our souls with cheer.   

     Finally, we are forced to watch horrific bills being passed in other states only to be introduced here. We mustn’t feel defeated, but be energized by the progress we have made thus far. We must rally for those in the crosshairs and be their voice when they cannot. We can support the organizations that are helping to overturn unconstitutional laws in deeply gerrymandered or Republican states. We can educate our family, friends and neighbors about our stand to protect democracy here in our great state of Ohio this August.

     Let’s use our passion to fight endlessly for equality. Justice for all can make Clark County truly great.