Choking Hazard

By: Anonymous

Choking on pink ash

Cinnamon that's been poured down my throat

I can't breathe, I can't spit

I can't speak

I can't SPEAK

I just need to tell you


Please listen

I just need you to help me

Let me out

Let me out


I stare at a plasma screen

I guess I don't need to breathe

As long as I can see

People across the world

Seem to know me better

Than the people sitting

Right next to me

"My dysphoria's bad today"

They know exactly what I mean

I try to spit out the ash

The life threatening powder

That tastes like rotton cotton candy

That forces me into makeup

That forces me into faking who I am

I spit it out

A cloud comes out

And suddenly I can breathe

And with that first breath

I say my name.

No one seems to like that

But I've never felt more free.

~a very special thank you to this author, you are seen, you are heard, you are loved