We WIN When . . .

We Embrace Our Strength in Numbers

By Crystal G

   Since our country’s founding, women have been the force behind positive change. We have been at the center of creativity and innovation. Although we have largely been written out of the history books, it was women who often made advances in science, medicine, architecture, engineering and many more male-dominated professions. It took large groups of courageous and tenacious women and years of struggle to change how our roles are seen.

    Women earned their right to vote and their freedom of choice just to have it challenged once again in 2024. This coming election will be critical as Republican extremists aim to chip away at minority groups one by one. State legislators all across the U.S. strive to ban books, underfund education, criminalize doctors, dehumanize children, refuse life-saving healthcare, and prioritize the ultra-wealthy over the average working family. 

     Many of the most dramatic human rights advancements over the years were achieved when women united for a common cause. For example, women united to convince a male-dominated society that being given the right to vote, own property, and hold office were basic rights that women deserved and had earned. 

    Since 1900, women and mothers have been the primary lobbyists for justice regarding many issues. Though the fights were often fierce, most of these female-led agendas were hugely successful.   Yet these days, women are again feeling overwhelmed and outnumbered as regressive leaders are either repealing laws that respect women’s rights or implementing new laws that threaten women’s rights.

     That being said, we do want to celebrate the joy and progress we have made thus far. Women are sitting at more tables, we are leading more organizations and participating in writing more legislation. Women are vital to every aspect of society, so let us sing their praises. 

     So much has been done, but there is so much more to do!