Vol 8 Issue 3

We WIN When . . .  

We Lift Our Voices

By: Crystal G, WIN President and WIN Leadership


        We gathered in spaces large and small; we organized to sign petitions, and hand out literature, stickers and yard signs: we rallied successfully in Clark County to defeat Issue 1 in August. We were exhilarated to watch our county agree on something so vital to our Democracy. We managed to defeat the proposed amendment that would have taken away our right to make our voices heard by a simple majority: a sign that we are not all too far right or too far left; that we can meet in the middle, once again, to protect our reproductive freedom next month!....read more

The EDChoice Expansion Voucher Program:  How it affects Ohioans 

By: Sheila S

     “Despite harm to public schools, a lot of Ohioans are applying for private school vouchers.”  So reads a headline in the The Plain Dealer, September 7, 2023. The mind-boggling numbers of applications for vouchers under the Parent Educational Freedom Act, or Senate Bill SB368, have topped 70,000 (of which 40.000 are still pending).  This is an increase from the total of 29,452 received in 2022...read more   

Candidate Profile  

By Sheila Rice

     I had the opportunity to work with the Clark County Common Pleas Court under then former Clerk of Courts, Ron Vincent. Working there, I learned about civil government and the importance of each person’s contribution to, and involvement in, shaping our federal, state, and local governments. I was appointed Clark County’s Clerk of Municipal Court after Guy Ferguson died. During my work as Clerk, I have come to believe even more passionately in the importance of our participation in government and service to others....read more

Helping “Our Old and New Neighbors”

By: WIN Leadership

     Though dominated by some citizens’ concerns – and even disruptive behavior – over Haitian immigrant issues, the Springfield City Commission’s September 19, 2023, meeting simultaneously included statements by additional citizens asking for greater understanding. One such statement, by WIN member Peg Foley, gave a fuller, kinder, and more rational perspective on the situation regarding the Haitians in our community. The entire text of Peg Foley’s remarks is included here:

“Thank you, members of the City Commission, for your public service and for providing a forum for us to express our concerns....read more 

Candidate Profile

Tracey Tackett

I am running for office to bring new perspective and energy to our community leadership. I am running because I love Springfield and feel the emotion of the people in this community over what they feel has been lost over the years. I want to restore hope for a brighter future for the kids in this community. I want to connect people in a meaningful and purposeful way, improving the conditions of our government system...read more  

Ohio Women Are Adults
By: Mel M

      Protect Women Ohio (PWO), the organization against Issue 1on the November ballot, wants to remove the ability of a woman to make decisions about her own body.  They want to “protect” women from adulthood. 

     PWO claims that Issue 1 would “Outlaw protections for the most vulnerable and would eliminate basic health and safety regulations in place to protect women.”  It does not. Rather, Issue 1 guarantees that a woman may access the medical care she needs when she needs it, without having to leave Ohio. It also guarantees that a woman may access birth control so that she can decide when she wants to start a family. PWO believes she is incapable of making these decisions and must be “protected” from ever having to make difficult decisions....read more  

Update on Gerrymandering in Ohio

By: Kim Sadlier

     According to the Ohio Capital Journal, the coalition Citizens Not Politicians put forward a constitutional amendment at the end of August for the November 2024 ballot. Citizens Not Politicians is a coalition of people and organizations seeking to end gerrymandering in Ohio by removing politicians from the redistricting process, and instead empowering Ohio citizens to draw fair and impartial legislative and congressional districts through an open and independent process. The coalition is spearheaded by former State Supreme Court Justice Maureen O’Connor, a Republican, and also includes former State Supreme Court Justice Yvette McGee Brown, a Democrat...read more  

Voting hasn’t even started for this November but we are already gearing up for 2024!  

By Clark County Democratic Party Chair, Austin S

     We will have incredible candidates at the top of the ticket as we work to re-elect Sherrod Brown and President Biden! But we need to make sure we are competing at every single level, from the Statehouse to the Courthouse!

     Interested in learning more about what races there will be next year?

     Want to Run?

     Know someone who should run?

     Reach out to us at info@clarkcountydems.org, leave your information at this link, and we will be in touch! ..read more

Breaking the Cycle Starts with Having a Choice

By: Anonymous 

     Most people can only imagine what life is like inside the home of a child with an addicted parent.  If you know, you know.  If you’re among those who can only imagine, we’re happy for you. If you can relate, then you probably experienced life at a fast pace, you probably were spared from very little pain, and you likely learned early on what triggers could create havoc in your home. Whichever end of this spectrum you’re on, one thing’s for certain: childhood is rough! We all should celebrate how far we’ve come!...read more 

Fudge Foundation Efforts To Raise Neighborhood Spirits  

By Melinda Barnhardt

     Many of us are aware of the story of Dion Green, a survivor of the August 4, 2019, mass shooting in Dayton’s Oregon entertainment district. We know something of the way in which Dion’s efforts to come to terms with the loss of his father that horrific night have led to his remarkable and heroic journey to support other survivors of violence as they, too, work through their traumatic experience. We may likewise be aware of Dion’s role as Founder/CEO of Flourishing Under Distress Given Encouragement (FUDGE), a 501c3 nonprofit that delivers such survivors “support service and advocacy at both a local and national level.”..read more

Relevant Reads for Progressives


By Rebecca (Becky) W


Title:  Choosing Family: A Memoir of Queer Motherhood and Black Resistance | Author: Francesca Royster | Publication Date: Abrams Press, 2/7/23

  DePaul University professor Royster gives an intimate look at her family, which is comprised of same-sex parents, one of whom is black (Royster) and the other white (her wife, Annie). Their child is an adopted black queer daughter. Royster describes the way her family tackles the complexity of ordinary life through their status of being queer, multi-racial and feminist.

The author also delves into her own childhood in South Side Chicago, where families were often very nontraditional. But she makes the point that all families are complex, and parenthood is often frightening. 

   Readers will feel Royster’s anticipation, joy and deep love, along with her fear...read more

Legislation Watch   

Ohio Ballot Board distorts reproductive rights ballot language to deceive voters  - United Ohioans for Reproductive Rights

Following the landslide defeat of Issue 1, anti-abortion extremists and Secretary of State Frank LaRose today exploited the Ohio Ballot Board process in a last ditch effort to deceive and confuse Ohio voters ahead of the November vote on reproductive freedom.

...read more