Remembering Lois Pelekoudas
By Becky W

In lieu of flowers, Women's Issues Network made a donation in Lois's name to the ACLU. 

     While on vacation in Florida in February, I was saddened to read online of the passing of Lois M. Pelekoudas, a dedicated member of WIN for several years. Though I did not know her well, I was always impressed by her progressive stance, her thorough knowledge of the political arena, and her generous nature.

     According to her lengthy obituary, Lois was born in Wisconsin to parents who encouraged and nurtured her thirst for knowledge and inquisitive nature.  She eventually earned her PhD in Political Science at the University of Illinois, concentrating on Constitutional Law. She obtained a position at Central State University as chairwoman of the political science department and also became an adjunct professor at Antioch College.

     She and her husband, Connie, married in 1957 and built a life raising their children in Yellow Springs. Lois loved being involved in the community in many capacities. She and Connie started a little farm on Hustead Road, where they enjoyed keeping a variety of animals. Her special interest was in their herd of sheep because she used their wool to engage her talent for spinning, weaving and knitting. She was also an avid cook, gardener and artist.

     I can vividly remember attending a WIN meeting at her home some years ago. Open and airy, the home reflected her own free spirit. Of special interest was the large loom where she gave us a brief demonstration of her weaving skills and showed some gorgeous items she had made. It was a lovely evening.

     I looked up to Lois’ life as one lived to her fullest potential. Supremely self-assured and unapologetically opinionated, her dry sense of humor and pithy comments made me chuckle. Her dedication to her community and WIN, in particular, was an inspiration. She could always be counted on to write interesting and informed pieces for this newsletter. Even when her health began to fail, she was generous with donations and kept abreast of what WIN was doing.

The members of WIN bid Lois a sad but grateful farewell.