Relevant Reads for Progressives

Theme: Pride Month
By Rebecca (Becky) W


Title: Democracy Awakening  | Author: Heather Cox Richardson   | Publication Date: Viking, 9/26/23


     Over the history of our country, small groups of wealthy extremists have used word weaponization and false histories to attack our democracy. This has often led to a divided and disaffected population.

  The author addresses the current political and ideological mess; doing so by utilizing her unique ability to cut through the jumble of media feeds to get to the facts.

  She states that to regain our democracy, we need to be diligent about hammering home the true history of our nation. Ironically, our democracy was based on helping those who have felt disenfranchised and ignored—the same reasons fringe elements are trying to assert themselves today.

  Heather Richardson is a highly respected historian. Her daily online newsletter, begun during the impeachment crisis of 2019, has grown to a readership of 2 million people.  



Title: Lessons in Chemistry | Author: Bonnie Garmus | Publication Date: Random House, 4/5/22

     Brilliant chemist Elizabeth Zott, in the early 1960s suddenly finds herself a jobless and widowed single mother. To make ends meet, she reluctantly accepts a job as the host of a TV cooking show called “Supper at Six.”

  At first her lab-like delivery using scientific terms and methods shocks audiences and her producer. But soon it catches on and the show becomes wildly popular.

  Her off-the-cuff observations and advice, however, are not always about cooking. She becomes controversial because of her comments about questioning the status quo.

  In turns hilarious and heart-breaking, this is a gentle read that does more than just tell a story. It makes you think.

  Apple TV+ has turned the book into a limited series starring Academy Award winner Brie Larson, premiering on October 13th.