Kathryn "Kathy" Estep Swisher

     Proud daughter of Mayford and Jewell Estep, I was raised not only by my parents but by the watchful eye of friends, family, and neighbors, I moved away when I was 18 and never thought that I would ever again live in Enon. But after graduating from The Ohio State University, marrying, having a baby and living in Columbus for over ten years, Bob, Kathy and 15-month-old Julia returned to Enon. The watchful eye I protested when young was exactly what I wanted now that I was a parent.

     The move was facilitated by Bill and Kathy Estep who gave us a place to live and by Bob who agreed to commute to Columbus. Bob’s long days and long daily drives allowed Julia & Ellen to have the small-town life that both Bob and I had had. It also allowed the girls to be near their Estep family. (Our Swisher family did not live in one area.)

     I was a stay-at-home mom for a while, then worked part-time for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections. Later I obtained a real estate license and worked for Homeowner’s Concept Realty. While there I became familiar with the staff at Equity Land Title Agency and they offered me a job. I started as a receptionist but quickly became a title abstractor. I worked there for 9.5 years and then switched to First American Title where I worked from October 2000 to my medically forced retirement in March 2020.

     I’ve always said that if it wasn’t for the need to earn a living, I would have been a ‘volunteer lady’. I enjoyed working at the Second Harvest Food Bank, working on a couple of referendums in Mad River Township, coordinating the Clark County petition drive to get the 2017 anti- gerrymandering issue on the ballot, co-founder with Catherine Peyroux of Clark County Votes dedicated to voter registration, Clark County volunteer coordinator for Dr Vanessa Enoch for Congress in 2018, volunteer coordinator for the Clark County Democratic Party from 2019, and was an active member of the Democratic Women’s Issues Network (WIN) since 2019.

     I am survived by my loving husband of 40 years, Robert (Bob) Swisher, my beloved and precious daughters, Julia & Ellen, Julia’s caring partner Jacob Wood, cherished brother Bill Estep & his wife Kathy Estep, who has always been a sister, not an in-law, and by all of my dear & caring Swisher family: Sue & Curt French, Sam & Kim Swisher, Shari Carver (my marching buddy), Cathy Swisher & Veronica Rohm. Also survived by many nieces, nephews, and cousins.

     I was lucky to have many supporting, caring, and loving friends. There are a few long-time friends to point out. Kendra Bishop Varner, who I’ve called ‘the older daughter that I didn’t have’. She helped raise our girls and gave love and medical care to my mom. She started as a sitter for Julia and Ellen but quickly became family. Gail DeMent Ross, a forever friend since high school & OSU who stood by me thru all of life’s ups and downs and who checked on me continually through this wretched illness. Sue Hashemi, a neighbor that became a lifelong friend. She taught me to view life with an open mind and I was in awe of her marvelously positive attitude. My life with you in it was so much richer. Dr Susan Darmstadter (AKA Suzanne) , my college roommate, medical advisor, midnight run for donuts buddy, secrets keeper, “laugh till we cry” friend and so much more. Such a special friend. I’m so glad you walked into my dorm room in 1975!

It was a great ride, this life of mine. Wish

it could have lasted longer. Be sad but

not for too long. Love you all.