Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight: Dion Green

By: Melinda B 

     It gives WIN great pleasure to highlight the recent achievements of Dion Green. Dion was in Dayton along with his father, Derrick Fudge, on the fateful night of August 4, 2019, when the mass shooting in the city’s Oregon District took place. Derrick Fudge lost his life that night. Dion had to work to come to terms with his grief and the trauma he experienced as a survivor of gun violence. In the process, he has published a book documenting the steps he took; established and become CEO of the Fudge foundation, which honors his father and helps those impacted by gun violence; and he has become an activist for sensible gun legislation. In all of this, he has excelled. 

This year, he has spoken and given testimony on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court and also traveled to Buffalo and Uvalde to listen to the victims’ families and share his personal story. This past spring, he was named a Coretta Scott King Award recipient; and most recently, he has been invited to the White House to celebrate the passage of The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act. The Women’s Issues Network congratulates Dion and the Fudge Foundation for the difference they are making on behalf of our community. We were pleased to have Dion as a speaker at the first of our 2021 gun violence forums and we hope to work with him again soon.


In conjunction with the Springfield Art Museum, the Fudge Foundation will host the HART Gala (Healing Art Relieving Trauma) on Saturday, August 6th. Tickets are on sale now. click here