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One of Women's Issues Network goals is to educate and empower women. 

We wish to recruit, train and elect qualified Democrats and what better way than to introduce you to women who have done just that. We have been inviting women who are running for office or women who have ran for office to our bi-monthly meetings. Our most recent meeting featured guest speaker Mrs. Meredith Lawson-Rowe. She is a democrat that ran in a very red district and won. 

We were very honored to hear about her personal experience and you can too. Just click on her image or the following link to hear her share encouraging advice. 

A special thank you goes out to Mrs. Meredith Lawson-Rowe for taking the time to speak with us and provide a very well written article for our quarterly newsletter.

March 10th 2022 Women's Issues Network Celebrated Women's History Month at the Clark County Heritage Center.

Guest Speakers

Judge Terri Jamison of the 10th District Court of Appeals

Judge Marilyn Zayas of the 1st District Court of Appeals

Justice Jennifer Brunner of the Ohio Supreme Court

click the image or this link to see photos of the event

     Women's Issues Network has worked toward bringing attention to ways in which we can come together to serve our community. We have hosted community conversations, hosted gun violence forums and on Dec 9th 2021 we gathered once again to host a testimonial workshop. Please click the image or this link to learn how to submit testimony or just brush up on your skills to become a more effective advocate for the topics that you are passionate about. Innovation Ohio will host additional training sessions you can stay up to date with these by checking the Facebook page How Things Work at the Ohio Statehouse   

     We invited local law enforcement, local organizations, our city's mayor, Clark County’s newly formed Law Enforcement Advisory Team has given the public their first look into the team’s three areas of focus — community complaints, implicit bias training, education and outreach. 

Our first forum focused on getting familiar with the oversight teams, local organizations and community leaders. The guests asked hard questions of all of our participants that helped us realize that one forum would not meet the needs of our community. 

     Kristine Woodworth, a volunteer with Moms Demand Action in Ohio, spoke to us about the dangerous gun legislation that was making its way through the Ohio Statehouse. A constitutional carry legislation was unfortunately passed and signed into law March 14th of this year. 

After listening to the concerns of our guests we decided to focus our next forum more closely on the Clark County Law Enforcement Advisory Team (CCLEAT) and their findings thus far. They discussed with us their suggestions to build trust in the community and shared similar aspirations as our local sheriff. 

     Throughout this particular forum a the conversation organically began to focus on yet another issue that we feel deserves further scrutiny. Sheriff Burchett discussed how nearly half of all inmates are in need for some type of mental health assistance while they are incarcerated. She also discussed their lack of funds and assistance with this growing problem. She believes that every inmate deserves mental health care while they are incarcerated. 

     Our next forum is intended to focus on the mental health needs of the victims and survivors of gun violence within Clark County.

     If you missed our gun violence forums please click this link or images to the side to watch