Volume 7 Issue 1

We WIN When...We celebrate and support women
March is Women’s History Month

     The Women’s Issues Network wanted to do something special to celebrate women and their achievements during Women’s History Month. As a result, we hosted Women, Social Justice, and the Law, March 10, 2022, at the Clark County Heritage Center, with guest speakers READ MORE

Volume 7 Issue 2

We WIN When...We Support Equity in Our Communities
June is Pride Month

     During June, we’ve been able to gather together as a community, mostly all vaccinated, to celebrate Juneteenth and Pride. We’ve embraced our differences and worked at increasing our understanding. But Juneteenth and Pride have also pointed out how much work we have yet to do. READ MORE

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Volume 7 Issue 3

We WIN When...We understand what it is to be a Democrat in 2022

     It means coming back to the table time and time again until legislation can be passed to help the American people recover from this pandemic. It means staying focused on the work that remains to be done for the common good, while celebrating the significant work already accomplished. Democrats invest in infrastructure, meaningful employment, quality education, and the American people. We cheer for the wins and we mourn the losses. Democrats agree to disagree and listen with open minds. We support our neighbors, not only our family and friends. Democrats show up ready to lend a hand. We work together to make life easier for all of those around us and we understand what actual assistance truly more

Volume 8 Issue 1

We WIN When...We Gather Together
March is Women's History Month

     On March 14th WIN and our community friends came together for our (2nd Annual) Women’s History Month celebration. While we were gearing up to host this meaningful event, we learned that 2023 would be the centennial of women joining the legislators at the Ohio Statehouse. Just two short years after the Suffragists successfully fought for our right to vote, they would not only run for office, they would win. READ MORE

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