International Women's Day
By: Tracey Tackett

     It was another great International Women’s Day celebration for the women of Clark County in conjunction with women all over the world on March 8, 2024. It was six years ago that I noticed other local cities celebrating this day, and wondered: Why do I have to drive to another city when we have great women right here? That thought launched Clark County’s first International Women’s Day celebration!

     That first year we had about 50 women come together at Mother Stewart’s for networking and fellowship. 

  This year we drew hundreds of women from our county! Among the participants were Springfield Chief of Police Allison Elliott, Clerk of Courts, Sheila Rice, and Melissa Tuttle of Clark County Court of Common Pleas. We hosted around 30 women-owned business vendors.  We also raised money for a cancer awareness program called “Think Pink,” and took donations for Period Kits. With the music, the food, the shopping and the fellowship, it made a memorable night that people are still talking about. 

     This was also a moment to recognize just how impactful women are in our economy, as many vendors had record-breaking sales. I can’t help thinking about the women who came before us who gifted us this day through their hard work, perseverance, and dedication. Now we can carry on their light for the next generation of women.

     It’s a reminder of why it matters that we continue to vote in women’s favor at the ballot box. Keep going forward, girls!