Clark County 

Dedicated to creating

a progressive and inclusive

future for our Clark County

Ohio Community

Our Goals

Advance, educate, and empower women.

Recruit, train, and elect qualified Democrats to lead.

Defend women’s rights, voting rights, and civil rights.

Work to create family, community, statewide, and national opportunities for all—no matter one’s gender, sexual orientation, age, race, disability, national origin, religion, education, or social or economic status.

Cultivate collaboration among progressive entities to advance social justice.

Provide a forum for educating ourselves and our community on women’s rights, civil rights, social justice, and  community issues.

2023 Meeting Dates

Jan 4; Mar 1; May 3;

July 5; Sept 6; Nov 1

2023 Special Events

Watch for Announcements

In our WIN Victory News, WIN emails, and on our

Facebook page


To meet candidates

To learn about important issues

To have fun and get to know one another!

July WIN Day at the Clark County Fair

Clark County Fairgrounds

August Nights Fundraiser

Refresh! Dine! Network!

September Culture Fest WIN Booth

Downtown Springfield

Come learn about our wonderful and diverse 

Clark Countians and cultures!

Meet the Board

President: Crystal G

Vice President: Sue A

Treasurer:  Libby B

Deputy Treasurer: Cathy T

Corresponding Secretary: Melinda B

Recording Secretary: Sheila S
At Large: Barb F 

And more . . . 

Fair Coordinator: Cathy T

Welcome to WIN!

The Women’s Issues Network of Clark County is a group of Democrats dedicated to creating a progressive future for Clark County Ohio women, our families, and our community.

WIN welcomes diverse opinions and promotes inclusive, just outcomes insofar as policies, laws, treatment, equal access, and more.

WIN promotes stable, evenhanded, just, welcoming leaders who will work with us to create family, community, and national opportunities for all—not just a selected few—no matter one’s gender, age, race, national origin, religion or sexual orientation.

Sound like you?  Come join us! 


The WIN Board

Join WIN

Membership in WIN is open to Democratic women and men. 

You must be a Democrat to join and remain a member of WIN.

Mobilize and take action on issues that impact you, your family, and your community.

I want to:

___ Be with like-minded people

___ Help raise money

___ Host an event/meeting

___ Lobby for women’s issues 

___ Plan and/or present programs

___ Recruit new members

___ Run for political office

___ Work on campaigns

___ Other (specify):



Thank you!



Complete the front and back of this section. Mail the completed application and $20.00 annual dues to:

         Treasurer, P. O. Box 812 

           Springfield, OH 45501

Name: _____________________


Address: ___________________


City: ______________________

State: __________ Zip: ______

Phone: ____________________

Email: _____________________

Occupation (required):




is a grassroots group of Democrats united to support Democratic ideals as we work to create and sustain a progressive and inclusive Clark County, State of Ohio, and the United States of America.

The Women’s Issues Network works with the Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus (ODWC) to educate, empower and energize women; to recruit women to run for office; and to increase women’s leadership roles in our communities, our state, and our nation.

WIN will continue to advocate for equitable representation by and of women in our government and for fair funding of programs, education, development, healthcare, and more. 

WIN is uncompromising in the robust defense of our hard fought for women’s and voting rights.

Learn more: 

Paid for by the Democratic Women’s Issues Network, Treasurer, P.O. Box 812, Springfield, OH 45501. Contributions are subject to the limits and prohibitions of State and Federal Election regulations. Contributions to the Democratic Women’s Issues Network are NOT tax deductible as charitable contributions for Federal Income Tax purposes.

Originally designed by C. B. Dunlevy in collaboration with WIN Members, Jan 2019 | Updated as needed | Printed in-house. Labor and materials donated.