Was There a a Gun Lobbyist in House-

Who Is Now in the Senate?

by Jessica H


Ohio State Senator George Lang (R) of West Chester Twp. currently sits on the Ohio Senate Insurance Committee and is a co-sponsor of Ohio Senate Bill 215, known as “Concealed Permitless Carry,” which allows carrying a concealed gun without a background check or a permit, and without the eight hours of training that was previously required to obtain a concealed carry permit. Signed into law by Governor DeWine on March 15, 2022, SB 215 also eliminates the requirement for people to inform a police officer if they are carrying a concealed gun.


Mr. Lang co-owns Second Call Defense, which sells self-defense insurance policies to gun owners. When previously serving in the Ohio House, he was a co-sponsor of the House bill that expanded the Ohio Stand Your Ground Law qualifications for shooters to claim self-defense. He recused himself from voting on it, yet also openly recognized that his business, from which he reported earning excess of $100,000.00 in 2020, would undoubtedly benefit from the expanded “Stand Your Ground” bill. His two co-owners of Second Call Defense are top executives for Buckeye Firearms Association, Ohio’s most influential gun lobbying group. 


The State of New York Dept. of Finance and Insurance has deemed self-defense insurance as unlawful insurance and has fined companies more than $14 million in settlements, including Lloyd’s, for $5 million directly.  The department has accused the NRA of marketing “unlawful” insurance. According to Washington regulators, out of the NRA’s 811 policies sold, not a single claim was filed. Lang has declined to say how many claims Second Call Defense has received, but claims it’s more than one.


Consider who you vote for: Do you want gun lobbyists in the Ohio House and Senate?