What is Issue 1
By Clark County Democrat Party Chair, Austin S

      I will join the chorus of many who implore you to #VoteNoInAugust! Issue 1 is an attempt by our Republican legislature to undermine the will of the voters (shocking, I know), prevent us from enacting change and throw every roadblock they can in our way when we use our right to amend our constitution as we have been able to do so for 111 years. But I wanted to make sure that we all know exactly what Issue 1 would do if it passes. 

50% + 1 of votes needed to pass
Signatures from 44 counties needed to submit. 
A cure period is allowed to gather additional signatures if needed. 
Keeps the process the same as it has been since 1912  

 Issue 1
  60% of voters needed to pass
Signatures from 88 counties needed to submit.
If more signatures are needed, the process must completely start over.
  Takes away power from citizens