Vol 7 Issue 1

We WIN When . . .  

We celebrate and support women 

By: Crystal G, WIN President and WIN Leadership

March is Women’s History Month

The Women’s Issues Network wanted to do something special to celebrate women and their achievements during Women’s History Month. As a result, we hosted Women, Social Justice, and the Law, March 10, 2022, at the Clark County Heritage Center, with guest speakers who are candidates for the Ohio Supreme Court: Judge Terri Jamison of the 10th district Court of Appeals; Judge Marilyn Zayas of the 1st District Court of Appeals; and Justice Jennifer Brunner, who is already on the Ohio Supreme Court and running for Chief Justice. Against a backdrop of Dean Simms’ music, our attendees and guests dined together...read more

You Should Run for Office

By: Meredith  

“You should run for office,” she said.

My response: “Absolutely not! I’ll help whoever YOU get to run.”

Literally three years later, I am serving my Neighbors in Ward IV as their representative on the Reynoldsburg City Council. That recap of my conversation with my Football Mom/Political Mentor/Council Colleague will remain with me whenever I talk with WOMEN about throwing their hats in the ring to run for office...read more

Project Woman 2021 Chrysalis Award

By: Katherine E 

Project Woman presented its 2021 Chrysalis Award to Denise Jones, a Victim Services Sergeant with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

Jones was recognized for her outstanding advocacy work on behalf of survivors of domestic, sexual, and gender-based violence. 

Jones has been in law enforcement since 2000 and in the Intimate Partner Crime Unit since 2017. Her unit receives calls for domestic violence, stalking, strangulation, human trafficking, and protection order violations and works closely with Project Woman on cases...read more

Clara C

I AM a Pro-Choice Woman

I do not remember when I was NOT a Pro-Choice woman. I was an early subscriber to Ms. magazine. I read articles which supported that belief.

Sometime in the 1980s, the daughter of a family friend in Indiana died of an illegal abortion. Becky Bell was sick, and her parents took her to the hospital. After they admitted her, they went to get lunch. When they returned, Becky was dead. An autopsy revealed that she had had an illegal abortion. Indiana had a law that parents had to give consent for an underage teen to have an abortion. Becky didn’t want to tell her parents...read more

In Honor of Womyn’s Herstory Month 

By: Sheila D 

Every year, when our special month rolls around, I enjoy spending time remembering how fortunate I was to land in this hotbed of feminism known as the Miami Valley.


There was no way to know, in 1972, that my move from rural southern Ohio to Dayton would result in permanent changes in my thoughts and attitudes about myself and the world.


 A few things had already happened to set me up for being open to new ideas. The Vietnam war, Kent State, the drug culture and a roommate’s pregnancy led me to begin questioning how the institutions that prescribed my life were or were not working to support womyn and particular classes and races of people...read more  

The Majority of Ohioans Want to End the Death Penalty

By: Peggy H

Ohioans To Stop Executions (OTSE) is a coalition of individuals and organizations working to reduce the use of – and ultimately, once again – end capital punishment in Ohio. Ohio had reinstated the death penalty in 1974, but the law was struck down as unconstitutional in 1978. The current law went into effect in 1981. OTSE was founded in 1988 and has worked to raise awareness and education around state executions. Ohio resumed...read more

Redistricting: Ohio Republicans Defy the State Constitution  

By: Austin S, Chair Clark County Democratic Party 

“Ohio Republicans defy the Constitution and spit in the face of the voters of Ohio.” In most cases this would be a shocking headline, but of late it has been a near daily occurrence. The evolving and lengthy constitutional crisis created by Ohio Republicans is drawing national scorn, causing mayhem amongst election administrators and confusion amongst Ohio voters, in addition to burning millions of dollars in taxpayers’ money. But what is new? This is the same party that offered a billion dollar bailout to support a coal plant in Indiana and line the pockets of Republican leaders and Lobbyists through exorbitant bribes. So to Republicans, this is just another day in the park and a slap in the face to Ohioans who...read more   

Was There a Gun Lobbyist in House-

Who Is Now in the Senate? 

by Jessica H  

Ohio State Senator George Lang (R) of West Chester Twp. currently sits on the Ohio Senate Insurance Committee and is a co-sponsor of Ohio Senate Bill 215, known as “Concealed Permitless Carry,” which allows carrying a concealed gun without a background check or a permit, and without the eight hours of training that was previously required to obtain a concealed carry permit. Signed into law by Governor DeWine on March 15, 2022, SB 215 also eliminates the requirement for people to inform a police officer if they are carrying a concealed gun...read more

Relevant Reads for Progressives

Women’s History Month

By Rebecca (Becky) W


Title: A Woman of No Importance | Author: Sonia Purnell | Publication Date: Penguin Books, 2019

This is the story of Virginia Hall, who despite being a Baltimore socialite, was so appalled by Nazi Germany that she talked her way into one of Winston Churchill’s spy agencies. She became the first Allied woman deployed behind enemy lines during World War II. This was despite having a prosthetic leg!...read more