Regina R Richards

1. Your name as it will appear on the ballot:

Regina R Richards

2. The office for which you are running:

Clark County Court of Common Pleas, General Division

3. Why you are running for this office:

I feel dutybound to run for the open seat on the Clark County Court of Common Pleas, General Division.

4. What makes you the best candidate for this office:

Sixteen (16) years of civil and criminal litigation experience including domestic, juvenile, and probate experience in Ohio common pleas courts. I am the only candidate with prior military service (Honorable Discharge 2000)

5. What are your credentials and qualifications for the office you are seeking:

Served as lead counsel on felony jury trials. Effectively argued pretrial motions and when necessary, negotiated efficient and ethical plea bargains. Won criminal appeals by applying the proper standards of review used by courts of appeals to reverse trial court errors.

Civil and other common pleas litigation experience includes: Property disputes, breach of contract cases, unjust enrichment, negligent entrustment, personal injury, will contests, juvenile bind-over hearings to adult court, custody, and the equitable division of marital assets including the use of coverture formulas.

Exceeded Continuing Legal Education requirements beyond compliance with the Ohio Supreme Court and earned membership in what was once designated as "Judicial Bar College" more than once during my career.

6. What are the most important goals you plan to focus on as you campaign and when you are elected:

As judge, I would promote the integrity of our justice system within our community for “everyday people” and be a good steward with our county resources.

To save county jail costs, I would grant recognizance bonds to those accused of nonviolent offenses and condition the bonds on pretrial reporting and/or ankle monitors if necessary.

I am in favor of Intervention in Lieu of Conviction (ILC) for first offenders of 4th and 5th degree nonviolent felonies where mental health and/or addiction factored into the commission of the offenses. Drug Courts are specialty dockets that require certification by the Ohio Supreme Court, which could be a lengthy process. For now, ILC addresses mental health and addiction with resources we already have--and it works! Upon completion, the offender may apply for immediate sealing of his or her record, without a mandatory waiting period.

I am also in favor of joining the Ohio Supreme Court’s Sentencing Data Platform and using the Uniform Sentencing Entry to assist with the collection of sentencing data. This would ensure racial fairness in sentencing, which protects judicial integrity; and reduces the potential for reversible errors on appeal, which protects judicial economy.

7. WIN members may want to help on your campaign

Contact info: Valerie Richards, Event Coordinator