Countdown to Election Day
By: Clark County Democrat Party Chair, Austin S 

I want to share the transcript of a video shown at the ODP “Family Reunion,” narrated by a Dayton native, actress Allison Janney. May this inspire you as we count down to Election Day! 

Never Bet Against Ohio

They counted us out.

They say we can’t win and that Ohio is a lost cause for Democrats.

They want you to believe that Rural Ohio is gone and that the suburbs are theirs for the taking.

They called us the rust belt and said that our jobs were gone forever,

They want you to believe that our best days are behind us.

We have heard a lot about what we can and cannot do and where our state is headed whether we like it or not.

But they don’t know Ohio.

Today we stand at the precipice of change and we’re ready to fight for our democracy, our right to choose, our love and respect for one another and the dignity of every worker. 

The Republicans in Ohio and Washington want to write our destiny for us. 

Here’s the deal Mike, JD, Frank and Mitch, 

We are just getting started. 

We are fighting for the workers who shower after work, not just before, 

Our work is for the nurses, the teachers, the janitors, the line cooks, the steel workers, auto workers, the trades and our public sector champions.

We fight for them because the future of Ohio depends on it. 

We have had our share of losses and heartbreaks, it’s true. The road ahead is long and steep, 

We’re done playing by their rules, on their court and their terms. 

It’s time we take the fight to them. 

When they go low, we punch back. And we don’t back down until we win. 

They don’t expect that we can pull it off. 

But there are a few things you learn when you talk to people across the state, getting to know the communities and the people that make Ohio strong. 

You learn that talk is cheap, that hard work speaks for itself, that you can’t rule out an underdog, and to Never Bet Against Ohio.