Vol 9 Issue 1

We WIN When . . .  

We Embrace Our Strength in Numbers

By: Crystal G, WIN President and WIN Leadership


     Since our country’s founding, women have been the force behind positive change. We have been at the center of creativity and innovation. Although we have largely been written out of the history books, it was women who often made advances in science, medicine, architecture, engineering and many more male-dominated professions. It took large groups of courageous and tenacious women and years of struggle to change how our roles are seen.....read more

Coffee, Community and Conversation Forum 

By: WIN Leadership

          Covenant UMC in Springfield hosted a Coffee, Community and Conversation Forum on a chilly Saturday morning in February.  WIN had been invited to attend by a fellow member of that church. We were greeted with delicious Kahawa House Coffee and a lovely breakfast. ...read more   

Guides for Choosing Who Gets Your Vote  

By Sheila S

     I spend a lot of time questioning how seemingly normal, intelligent people can choose to vote for certain candidates.  Actually, I am gobsmacked, to put it mildly, how others cannot reach the same conclusions that I have about who should be elected. 

     The other day, as I was railing about the ignorance of those who are “drinking the Kool-Aid” once again, a memory came to mind.....read more

Jill Ruckelshaus
By: 1977 National Women’s Political Caucus

We are in for a very, very long haul...I am asking everything you have to give. We will never give up...You will lose your youth, your sleep, your arches, your strength, your patience, your sense of humor...and occasionally the understanding and support of the people that you love very much....read more 

Stacey Abrams Event 

By: WIN Leadership

      On March 9th, WIN Members Melinda Barnhardt, Pam Reid and Crystal Gnau attended an event at the historic Hilton Netherland Plaza hotel in Cincinnati where Stacey Abrams was the keynote speaker. This national landmark venue was the perfect setting to meet a woman that is busy making history herself! Stacey is probably best known for her tireless work in Georgia to turn out the vote for Joe Biden in 2020. This helped turn the tide of the election....read more 

International Women's Day

By: Tracey T

     It was another great International Women’s Day celebration for the women of Clark County in conjunction with women all over the world on March 8, 2024. It was six years ago that I noticed other local cities celebrating this day, and wondered: Why do I have to drive to another city when we have great women right here? That thought launched Clark County’s first International Women’s Day celebration!...read more  

A Unique Opportunity
By: Crystal G

     Recently a number of local leaders and legislatures received a private invitation to gather and to listen to keynote speaker Senator Sherrod Brown. Of special interest to WIN is that the person who introduced Sherrod on the podium was Ohio State Representative Latyna Humphrey. We are excited about having her as one of our speakers at WIN’s Women’s History Month Dinner event coming up on April 9th.....read more  

Passing of Warren Copeland 

By Clark County Democratic Party Chair, Austin S


     Some may have heard by now, but if you have not, I am sorry to share the news that Mayor Warren Copeland, passed away the morning of January 22, 2024. There is much to be said about the legacy and mark Mayor Copeland left on this community. His decades of leadership to the City of Springfield saw much transformation, revitalization and expansion as he helped our city bounce back from various challenges. Mayor Copeland was a constant presence in our community, but was especially present in advocating for equality and for children...read more

Remembering Lois Pelekoudas 

By: Becky W

      While on vacation in Florida in February, I was saddened to read online of the passing of Lois M. Pelekoudas, a dedicated member of WIN for several years. Though I did not know her well, I was always impressed by her progressive stance, her thorough knowledge of the political arena, and her generous nature.

      According to her lengthy obituary, Lois was born in Wisconsin to parents who encouraged and nurtured her thirst for knowledge and inquisitive nature.  She eventually earned her PhD in Political Science at the University of Illinois, concentrating on Constitutional Law. She obtained a position at Central State University as chairwoman of the political science department and also became an adjunct professor at Antioch College...read more

Relevant Reads for Progressives


By Rebecca (Becky) W


Title:  Healing Wounds: A Vietnam Combat Nurse’s 10-Year Fight to Win Women a Place of Honor in Washington, D.C.  | Author:  Diane Carlson Evans | Publication Date: Permuted Press, 5/26/20

     The author was a captain in the Army Nurse Corps, serving one of her 6 years in Vietnam in the Burn Unit of the 36th Evacuation Hospital. She details the gritty, exhausting and often heartbreaking experience of that service.

     Little did she realize then that her mission had just begun. While attending the dedication of the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial (“The Wall”) in D.C. in 1982, she was disappointed to learn that there was nothing to include and honor females that had served in Vietnam during that war....read more