We WIN When . . .
We understand what it is to be a Democrat in 2022

By: Crystal G, WIN President and WIN Leadership

     It means coming back to the table time and time again until legislation can be passed to help the American people recover from this pandemic. It means staying focused on the work that remains to be done for the common good, while celebrating the significant work already accomplished. Democrats invest in infrastructure, meaningful employment, quality education, and the American people. We cheer for the wins and we mourn the losses. Democrats agree to disagree and listen with open minds. We support our neighbors, not only our family and friends. Democrats show up ready to lend a hand. We work together to make life easier for all of those around us and we understand what actual assistance truly is. 

     The Biden Administration has embraced these values. It has succeeded in getting the Inflation Reduction Act passed to roll back the tax cut for the mega wealthy and end what amounted to welfare for the entitled. The right has complained about high gas prices without giving this administration the credit it’s due. In the context of the unjust war in Ukraine that has resulted in these high prices, Biden’s Democratic administration has released oil reserves and put pressure on the oil companies that have been responsible for price gouging around the globe. Prices have gone down, bringing relief to citizens across the board. In this and other instances, the overwhelming majority of Republicans have been quick to drum up a fake administration-induced crisis and then vote against the very legislation that would help millions of Americans. They know who they work for and just this month have voted against ending dark money in politics. In doing so they have told Americans who they truly are. Are you listening?


     We as Democrats lament the loss of bipartisanship in our politics. But at a time when the other major party has rejected the central idea of our founding documents – that freedom, justice and opportunity are the rights of all Americans, not just a few – we are in a fight to keep democratic values afloat. As stated in  “The Democratic Creed” proposed by author Jim Purvis and others, in Democrats 101, “We believe that the Purpose of government is to promote our nation, defend our democracy, and to endlessly promote the welfare of each and every one of us.” And “We believe that fighting for these ideals is our purpose as a political party.”