$10 to WIN

WIN is proud to announce our new “$10 to WIN” fundraising campaign. We’ve made it easy to support winning victories for our communities, our state, and our country via a monthly donation. While this campaign suggests a once-a-month donation of $10, an amount that fits your budget is needed and appreciated!

Let’s face it, although we have a new administration, the damage done by the prior president is everywhere—including here.

The needs are great: Our work continues. Rest assured, contributions from supporters like you are used to support our quest to create viable, healthy communities that promote inclusive, just outcomes in policies, laws, and treatment. Your contributions will go toward our continued work to create family, community, and national opportunities for all—not just a selected few—no matter one’s gender, age, race, national origin, religion or sexual orientation.

As you know, WIN chooses to use our voices and collective power to further social justice and social justice initiatives. We've made it clear where we stand on important issues: WIN members protested in word and deed the killing of George Floyd and our other Beloved Sisters and Brothers of Color. And, we are committed to remaining a devoted ally.

Our “newsblasts” honoring:

signal our steadfast dedication to creating a progressive and inclusive community for all Clark Countians, Ohioans, and Americans.

Understanding that we truly were in a fight for the soul of this nation, WIN worked hard to promote local, state, and national candidates: sponsoring candidate townhalls, attending events, handing out thousands of pieces of literature, calling hundreds of voters, putting out yard signs, being poll workers and poll observers, registering voters, and so much more.

There’s more to do. Click the following link to set up your monthly donation or to make a one-time contribution:


Or, put a note on your calendar to write a monthly check payable to WIN, and send it to: Women's Issues Network, P. O. Box 812, Springfield, OH 45501.

Thank you!