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Thank you Ohio! Together we passed Issue 1 and will be closely watching the Ohio Legislators as they attempt to discredit our victory learn more here 


We are currently working to gather information, help you access resources, learn about proper sex education, and tell you what the laws are and what "options" you have. Please visit our Bans Off Our Bodies page for current information 

You can read the decision below while we are working to add more information to our site, please stay tuned and check back often

Very Important Message From WIN

Supreme Court Draft Overrules Roe v. Wade:                                   please click arrow for more

A WIN Letter to Ourselves and Our Community

Supreme Court Draft Overrules Roe v. Wade:

A WIN Letter to Ourselves and Our Community

We are suddenly – and shockingly –at the moment we feared: A draft majority opinion by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has overruled Roe v. Wade as “egregiously wrong.” Five justices, three nominated by a president who failed to receive a majority of the popular vote, have taken away a constitutional right that has stood for nearly fifty years; five people have flouted established legal precedent and public opinion and decided to take from women across this entire nation the right to autonomy over their own bodies.

Significant change to the draft is unlikely: states will be able to outlaw abortion without exceptions for rape or incest. Thirteen states with “trigger bans” will outlaw it almost immediately (note Ohio’s HB 598, which criminalizes abortion, its sponsor calling rape “an opportunity”). Twenty-six have laws indicating banning intent.

What this means:

·   Abortions – illegal and unsafe – will nonetheless continue, and women will die: primarily, Black and Brown women unable to leave children and jobs to travel to, and pay, at legal abortion clinics.

·   Women’s economic and professional achievement will be set back decades – to their families’ detriment and society’s loss.

·   Companies will feel the impact of decreased participation by women in the workforce.

·   Same Sex Marriage, Interracial Marriage, and Birth Control – based, like Roe v. Wade, on constitutional privacy rights jurisdiction – will potentially soon be on the chopping block.

·   Nearly everyone will feel the impact – save a white male ruling class in minority-controlled state legislatures.


If this matters at all!:

·       We’ve got to be active and vocal like never before, supporting our candidates, registering voters, working against gerrymandering and voter suppression!

·       Gerrymandered maps will be a challenge, but they can’t affect a statewide vote! The November election is key: Congress can codify Roe v. Wade!

·       Sitting out the election isn’t an option; we all must decide – even companies – to step up. We invite all progressive Clark County organizations to join us in working to elect Democratic candidates!

Clark County Democratic Women’s Issues Network (WIN) Leadership

Very Important Message From WIN                                                                              click arrow for more

Yes We Can – Do Something about Gun Violence:

A WIN Letter to Ourselves and Our Community

“Enough Is Enough," Time's cover read three years ago this August, after the mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso. Now the violence has continued, in Buffalo and Uvalde. There are no easy solutions, especially here in Ohio. As in Texas, the NRA holds sway, and our super-majority legislature loosens gun laws by the day.

The moment when all of this will change is when there is sufficient pushback from the citizenry -- but there is reason to believe that pushback is starting. Kristine Woodworth, from the gun safety advocates’ group Moms Demand Action, reports a dramatic new increase in membership: “Nationwide we have had more than 250,000 new people reach out to join Moms Demand Action in the past week. As of today [May 30], in Ohio our number [of new members] is 8000 – in the past week. That’s more than double our current base of active members. . . . The movement is growing.”(The Moms’ red T-shirt is sold out!)

The movement is growing, and for fighting every bad bill there is a path forward

(For further “how to” information on taking one of the following actions for a particular bill, see our Gun Legislation page at

·   Calling our state representatives (look them up here) to ask them to oppose.

·   Submitting written testimony.

·   Attending hearings for the bill at the State House.

Think your advocacy won’t make a difference? Think again:

·       High numbers speak volumes. Proponents of loosened gun laws are many, with typically low quality testimony. Our opponent testimony tends to be high quality; we simply need increased numbers!


·       Keeping up the pressure can lessen a bad bill’s impact. HB99, which radically reduces training requirements for teachers carrying guns from over 700 hours to 22 hours, is a case in point. Through amendments, the requirement has gone from 0 hours to 8 to 22; certainly better than none at all!


·       Simply showing up at a hearing – crowding the room, even without testifying – makes a statement. Representatives don’t like to look unpopular to reporters!


We invite Clark County progressives to join us in gun safety advocacy!

Clark County Democratic Women’s Issues Network (WIN) Leadership 


The Clark County Democratic Women's Issues Network (WIN) is a political action committee (PAC) of grassroots Democrats that works with like-minded activists to create a progressive and inclusive future for Clark County, the State of Ohio, and the United States of America.


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